Lucid Dreams – Dreams That Fly

Am I dreaming, am I awake, I pinch myself, confusion, nope I am dreaming and yes I am awake. Lucid dreaming is becoming awake in the dream.

That was an experience I had in a lucid dream. Over the last 40 years, I have recorded over fiver thousand dreams and many have been lucid, in the lucid you feel awake and very alive able to take conscious control and manipulate what is happening in the dream. I have taught the techniques of dream recall to over fourteen thousand people internationally in a seminar structure.

I remember hearing thirty years or so ago that if you fell from a high place and hit the ground in your dream it would kill you. A few nights later in a semi-lucid dream, I indeed fell from about the eighteenth floor of a skyscraper hit the ground and laughed because I realized I wasn’t dead, so much for that myth.

In this article, I will share some methods to remember your dreams and also how to unravel the language in the dream to understand its meaning. First dream books buku mimpi 2d that tell you what the dream symbols mean are worthless, they are booksellers and have no validity. Here let me give you a good example.

Many years ago an attorney friend asked me to invest in a gold mine, I told John to let me think it over, that night I did a dream question on whether I should invest or not. In the dream, I was running down the street with my pants around my ankles. It was simple to interpret, invest in this and you will lose your pants. I took the warning and didn’t invest, just a few months later the mine became under investigation and all invertors’ money was tied up for several years.

Let’s look at the metaphor, losing my pants, good for this culture and my background, but if I had been from and Arab country I would have gotten something like my oil wells going dry. Dream language is unique to the individual and their beliefs, snakes in one person’s dream mean fear, to someone who loves snakes it has a different meaning.

What are the benefits of dream recall? Many they are a direct line to your psyche, and also a psychic line to the world around you. From this inner domain, you can get answers to problems, dreams can aid you in the healing process, from showing you what is causing the problem to methods and ways of bringing about a cure. Plus its fun to go to bed at night knowing you are entering a realm of real magic where the norms of physical reality no longer exist, and this level of consciousness will give you insights into your personality that will amaze you, it becomes an inner teacher.

OK so how do you begin to remember your dreams, keep it simple? When you go to bed at night, pad and pen by your side, before closing your eyes write down on the pad, “Dreams, Dreams I will remember a dream and write it down”. That is the first step. When you have a dream during the night and wake up indeed write it down.

The second step, once you are remembering your dreams fairly easily, now write down on your pad “Dreams, Dreams I will have a dream remember it, understand it, and write it down”. Note, the I will understand it, you are suggesting that you will understand and part of the time you will.

The third step, when the first and second steps are working fairly good for you now you can start asking questions. “Dreams, Dreams, I want to have a dream, I will have a dream that gives me an answer to, STATE your question, I will have this dream remember it and understand it.” Some can skip the first and second steps because they remember their dreams fairly easily, and sometimes know their meaning.

Lucid dreams will often come to people who have taken some control of the first three steps. Many claims that their lucid dreams happen later in the night and more toward morning. For me, I have had them at all different times of the night. The way I program them is a little different than what I have shared with you here.