Is Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe For Treating Andropause?

The male hormone replacement industry has been hit hard recently by continued scandal in professional sports. For companies that specialize in treating low testosterone and other male hormone 男性ホルモン deficiencies, having continued bad publicity in the media have made many men question what type of association they want to have with companies that provide hormone replacement therapy services. Leaders in this industry have been answering customer calls about the safety of hormone treatment programs for years.

For purposes of this article treating men with hormone replacement therapy will be reserved to treating the cause of symptoms of andropause, also called “male menopause.” Below are symptoms commonly associated with andropause:
– Depression
– Sweating and hot flashes
– Decreased male sex drive and erectile dysfunction
– Fatigue
– Poor concentration and memory
– Muscle and joint aches
– Mood swings

If you believe you have andropause, you can confirm the potential diagnosis with a blood test.

For years the public has been aware of a menopause in women. It has only been in recent time the term “andropause” is beginning to get the full attention it deserves. The most common cause of andropause is low testosterone levels, which can be easily diagnosed with a blood test. Other symptoms of andropause are similar to a women’s menopause, which is a reason why andropause is sometimes called “male menopause.”

There are a lot of sources for treating the symptoms of andropause and among untrained professionals that do not work with andropause patients on a daily basis, they can at times, do more harm than good. It is very important that you find a qualified physician.

OTC (over the counter) remedies tend to be ineffective for men who are showing symptoms.

Your Family Doctor can Misdiagnose Andropause Symptoms:
It seems counterintuitive that your family doctor can do more harm than good, but it is true when it comes to diagnosing and treating the symptoms of andropause. He may try to treat your symptoms individually such as a prescription for erectile dysfunction, e.g, Viagra and another prescription for depression rather than correcting the cause — hormone deficiency such as testosterone and thyroid. Treating the cause will correct the symptoms .

Treat Andropause with Male Hormone Therapy:
Treating andropause with male hormone replacement therapy is safe when diagnosed properly and monitored regularly. Testosterone replacement in the form of testosterone creams and testosterone supplements is a safe method to treat the low testosterone deficiencies that are the source of andropause. Other treatments may include, thyroid, HGH (human growth hormone), an estrogen blocker and other supplements that are appropriate to your individualized plan.

What to look for in a Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Provider:
1. Look for a male hormone replacement therapy program that is tailored to your specific and individualized needs.
2. Ensure your hormone program is under the supervision of a physician that is trained in hormone deficiencies in men.
3. Monitoring of your hormone levels. The original test for andropause should only be the first in a series of tests. You will want to have your blood tested periodically to ensure the current program is optimized for your individual needs.
4. Experience. Be sure the entity with whom you work has a solid track record. If they are trying to sell you hormones — be careful. If they are telling you what they do and how it relates to you needs in an informational frame work — be hopeful and encouraged.