Intralase – Bladeless Lasik Eye Surgery

The newest technology in LASIK eye surgery, bladeless surgery called Intralase is available. For the people that refuse to go under the knife for LASIK eye surgery, a new leaf has been turned. Forget about the glasses or contacts, and turn back the hands of time without facing the worry of having a blade inserted into your cornea. Instead of the chances of a blade creating an uneven cut on the cornea, Intralase has a laser beam that creates bubble-pockets precisely in the cornea that are easily separated.

For about $350 to $650 more than regular LASIK eye surgery performed with the blade, or microkeratome. Regular surgery performed with the microkeratome is already priced at around $2000 per eye. So, with a few hundred dollars more, the qualified candidate for LASIK eye surgery can have the fancy technology performed on their eyes.

If you’re thinking that your insurance company is going to pay for this surgery, though, you may be sadly mistaken. Most insurance companies will not cover LASIK eye surgery oculista milano of any type because it is considered an “elective surgery”. Some insurance companies will pay for parts of the procedures if the medical situation is within their parameters for exclusion. A quick call to member services will answer these questions for you.

Intralase brags that recovery time is a great deal shorter than regular LASIK surgery. It also claims that patients will feel, at most, “slight pressure” during the procedure, whereas regular LASIK surgery can be painful and require medication for a few days after the surgery. Knowing this, people deciding whether or not to get the surgery can breathe a lot easier.

As if there aren’t enough positive reasons to get Intralase surgery, the surgery itself takes only ten minutes to perform. Considering the delicate nature of the procedure, ten minutes of surgery on the eye without blades is no the situation to face for better sight for years to come.

Patients who have had the bladeless surgery on their eyes have reviewed the surgical procedure in a positive light. There are even “test” patients who had one surgery on one eye and the other surgery performed on the other eye. The results revealed that the eye with the Intralase healed faster, and functioned superior overall. It’s no wonder nearly a million patients have had this surgical procedure done already.

Bladeless surgery for the eyes is a no-brainer as far I am concerned. If you’re going to pay $2000 for surgery on just one eye, what’s the extra $350 to $650 to ensure the procedure is done without a blade? If finances are the main focus, keep in mind that you’re also paying for a safer procedure with safer instruments. Is there are a price you would pay for a pain-free surgery and shorter recovery? Plain and simple, the benefits of Intralase over regular LASIK eye surgery is worth the “extra” amount of money you will spend on Intralase.

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